Young Artists Showcase Art Work At Boys & Girls Club

Young artists welcomed the community on Friday, for a glimpse of self expression. Our Kimberly Barroteran gives us a look at a special art showcase at the Boys and Girls club of Central Wyoming. 

The Boys and Girls club of Central Wyoming is showcasing their club members talents with their latest art show here at the gym. Over the last two days, kindergartners, through high schoolers, put their creativity on display for their annual art show. Art Coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming, Hailey Lucero, says she just wanted them to fully express themselves through art.

“As long as they’re trying and getting any frustrations or emotions that they might have out on the paper, I think that is a great way to just create some art and they are welcome to submit anything that they want. I never limit them on medium or how big or small it has to be.” 

Lucero says she strives for all club members to create art as it’s a lot more to them than just an activity.

It’s a great creative way to get out any emotions or frustrations without necessarily using words or without using like physical amenities. So we I personally like to help the kids channel their anger or even happiness into art, something physical that they can look at. I think it really helps relieve stress and just gain confidence in their overall ability and skills as students.” 

Lucero mentions that the kids have been excited to see their work hanging for others to see and that it’s important for them to have those types of experiences.

“It helps them really get motivated throughout the year to make more artwork and to just really get out there and be innovative and be amazing and spontaneous. I really like when they bring their friends in and they show them like, this is what I made. And it’s here for everybody in the public and all of our staff and all of the parents and other kids to see. It’s a really great way for the kids to feel some celebration and recognition.”

There are definitely some future artists in the making.

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.