Wyoming And Alaska Are Both Blessed with Strong, Citizen-First Governors

Alaska is a place people come to live, work and play in the shadows of God-given majestic, natural beauty, and with an indomitable spirit of adventure.

Wyoming, too, features an independent, freedom-loving spirit in its residents.  Both states believe in the adage, “work hard, play hard.”

As I look at the two states and their history of responsible development, I’m happy to see leaders who appreciate the importance of a balance between extraction and environmental stewardship, and who realize how intertwined traditional energy is to their states’ workforces.

Governors Dunleavy (Alaska) and Gordon (Wyoming) continue to fight for their states as their lands and jurisdictions remain under attack from the over-reaching Biden Administration.

Both leaders recently joined with others to intervene in the Department of Interior’s assault on oil and gas leasing programs.  They also have both signed onto complaints alleging unnecessary delays on extractive permitting processes.

Understanding that illegal halting of responsible development hurts not only their states’ economies, but also threatens tens of thousands of jobs in each of the states, their citizen-first actions are welcome counters to the federal rulings.

There are many states whose energy workers would appreciate the proactive and positive support of their industries.  All of us who care about those jobs – and the men and women in Alaska and Wyoming who work in them – should be applauding our Governors for all they do to support responsible development.


Rick Whitbeck is the Alaska State Director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Follow him on Twitter @PTFAlaska or contact him at Rick@PowerTheFuture.com.