WYO Sports Ranch Coming To Casper In 2024

More opportunities for young athletes, coming to Casper with a large indoor sports facility. Our Kimberly Barroteran spoke with board members who are making their “WYO sports ranch” dream a reality.

These empty parking lots at the Ford Wyoming Center will soon be home to an approximately 134,000 square foot indoor sports facility that is expected to open by summer of 2024.

The WYO Sports Ranch will have 20 volleyball courts, 10 basketball courts, and a 37,000 square foot indoor turf. Board Member Jr Boyles, for WYO complex, the nonprofit organization working towards opening the facility, says it won’t just provide opportunities for the community, but also for the region.

“The regional impact in the in the community around casper is is we don’t have anything like this in Casper. We’ve got a lot of youth that are looking for places to practice. And you don’t form a team because you don’t have practice space or you don’t have coaches, you don’t have the the facilities that are needed to practice. so we thought by building this facility or raising the money for this facility, it would it would serve that need for the community.”

WYO complex has signed a lease with the city and are now moving forward with their fundraising process for the slightly under $40 million facility. Board Member Jessica Hastings says they have received a great response from the community.

“Everybody was just so on board from the beginning and saw the potential in it that it’s just been a very successful experience to this date with the responses that we’ve received, the commitments that we’ve had, and it’s just kind of spread like wildfire. And to be honest, I think everyone just wants to be a part of it. And because they can see the potential and the impact that it will have on youth and the community.”

Not only will the WYO Sports Ranch have plenty of space for young athletes to practice, but having a partnership with the Ford Wyoming Center will bring large sports events and welcome more visitors to Casper.

“The impact to the youth and the impact for our community, the businesses. When you build a facility like this, other things start coming and things start happening and it’ll it’ll be amazing.”

The WYO Sports Ranch is looking to break ground next summer.

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.