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Engaged On Energy

  Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, we’re taking a look at another widely-spread message, and fact-checking it against reality.   You hear it all the time on TV, radio and on social media. It is time to ‘go green’ and get an electric vehicle, or EV. After all, […]

Senator Lummis’ Herd Act

Senator Cynthia Lummis’ new herd act would mandate federal employees at agencies including the IRS, SSA and VA return to duty to serve Wyoming constituents if enacted.  Other senators including John Barrasso, Cindy Hyde-Smith of Mississippi, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Rick Scott of Florida, Mike Rounds of South Dakota and Roger Marshal introduced the having […]

State Senator Dan Furphy Talks About The Special Session

Will Silverstien: With this special session coming up to, I think that there is the highlight on this being focused on on vaccine mandates. But at the same time, too, I think there’s going to be some conversation about other other legislation that can be going through the session as well. Dan Furphy:  Yes, the […]

Chuck Gray On Vaccine Mandates

We spoke with state representative Chuck Gray ahead of the special session focused on vaccine mandates.   Will Silverstien: Talk to us about why this special session was happening. Chuck Gray: Well, we’re at a pivotal moment in the history of our republic, our values, our constitution is under attack by this team up of […]

Engaged On Energy

  Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, it is time to dispel a myth perpetuated by those who want to see our country move away from reliable energy sources.   Listen to any of them, and you hear that the world needs to stop mining coal, and that doing […]

Hyundai Santa Fe Ad Shows All That is Wrong with Electric Vehicle Ownership Mentality

A recent TV ad is eliciting chuckles from most who see it.  When I watch it, I see both hypocrisy and an insatiably entitled mindset. The ad, for the new Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid electric vehicle (EV), features a gentleman at a gas station, preparing to use a squeegee.  The attendant questions what he’s doing, […]

OPINION from Governor Gordon: Government should be limited with as few regulations as possible

Wyoming has always been about small government and limited regulations.  These are core values to me. I remember well my father working to protect Wyoming’s Right to Work laws.  Our family eagerly supported Malcolm Wallop’s successful Senate bid in 1976.  He was unshakeable in his conservatism and fought constantly against government overreach. In fact, one […]

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