WY GOP Reaches Resolution Supporting Runoff Elections

The Wyoming Republican party has passed a resolution supporting runoff elections.

The runoff resolution comes in response to growing dissatisfaction within the party of the current system which sees primary and general election candidates being able to win without a majority or 50 percent. There has growing resentment within the party for the corporations committee who rejected a plan for runoffs earlier this year. Although the committee has allowed for debate and discussion of new systems, a change even if it were to occur would not do so until the 2024 election year. Many want to see an immediate change in the 2022 primary where representative Liz Cheney is running against a trump backed candidate, Harriet Hageman. The former president reportedly forged a quote suicide pact with other Cheney opponents that would do its best to make it a two candidate campaign. State senator Anthony Bouchard remains the highest profile candidate left in the rest of the field.