Vandalism in Cheyenne Growing

It’s been one case of vandalism after another lately here in Cheyenne, and as Your Wyoming Link William Langston reports the increase in crimes has people concerned.

Last week, we saw two local parks hit by a string of vandalism. This week, a dumpster fire. People in Cheyenne think that something should be done.

“Something needs to happen with this because it’s it’s getting pretty petty out of control.”

“Oh, I think it’s pretty tragic, pretty sad state of affairs and sad that our youth are acting that way”

People here in Cheyenne hope the Cheyenne police department and parents help end these senseless acts of destruction.

“Yes, I heard about it. And I’m very sad to see that city’s getting a lot of vandalism lately and hopefully people just do the right thing and not vandalize anymore. Well, I’m sure that this would probably make people more accountable for what they do.”

“I assume it’s youth from what I’ve seen. I know there’s been several like break ins to cars around neighborhoods and lots of other vandalism, which is very sad. I don’t understand vandalism stuff.”

“Very petty, very immature, highly disrespectful. My kids actually went to play that very next day at that same park. It’s kind of disturbing the fact that, you know, they raised all that money to do it and people completely disregard it.”

The Cheyenne Police Department is still investigating the dumpster fire buy they do say there are two persons of interest in the case. Your Wyoming Link will continue to follow the investigations into all the recent vandalism and we’ll keep you updated.

William Langston, Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.