Travel Tuesday | Germany’s Christmas Markets

For this week’s Travel Tuesday we’re going to Germany for their world famous Christmas Markets.

Nothing says Christmas in Germany quite like the charming, quintessential Christmas markets that decorate the country during this magical time of year. Whether you choose to browse the most popular ones or those hidden in some quaint, lesser-known medieval villages, one thing is for sure: visiting a German Christmas Market is the ultimate holiday experience!

Christmas markets in Germany usually start in late November and last until around the 23rd of December annually. They’re mostly traditional affairs steeped in history and local culture, though in the last few years, more original, alternative options have started to pop up in forward-thinking cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne.

From traditional handcrafts and quirky ornaments to tasty local delicacies and sweet-scented mulled wine, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t find in a German Christmas market. Festive shopping aside, they offer visitors an enchanting experience that combines culture with entertainment and holiday cheer in a magical fairytale-like setting.

From Stuttgart to Hamburg, here are my recommendations for the best Christmas markets in Germany:
With a history that dates back almost 600 years ago, Dresden Christmas Market, also known as Striezelmarkt, is the oldest and certainly one of the best Christmas fairs in Germany. this superb winter attraction features over 230 booths filled with authentic Christmas handcrafts, pottery, candles, handmade toys, wooden ornaments, and so much more.

Leipzig prides itself with the second oldest Christmas market in Germany, a tradition that dates back to 1458. Located in front of the Old Town Hall, in the city’s historic center, It is a magical place bursting with culture, history, and traditions, where the festive atmosphere is maintained by trumpet fanfares and Christmas concerts performed by the illustrious St. Thomas Boys Choir.

With more than 70 Christmas markets dotted throughout the city between the end of November and New Year’s Eve, it’s no wonder Berlin has a special glow around Christmas.

Widely regarded as the capital of Christmas markets, the city boasts an incredible variety of fairs, where artists, jewelers, and musicians lure visitors into a wonderful winter wonderland.

That’s it for now, I’m Katelyn O’Shaughnessy have a Merry Christmas and I’ll see you next week for another Travel Tuesday.