Travel Tuesday | Catalina Island

For this week’s Travel Tuesday, we’re going to Catalina Island.

Catalina Island is famously just 26 miles across the sea from LA proper, but it feels like another world: the mostly-uninhabited island, and its tiny, charming oceanside town of Avalon (and the even smaller seaside town of Two Harbors), are about as far removed from the intensity of the city as anywhere you can get for a day or weekend trip.

Getting there is a breeze. You can take a one-hour ferry via the Catalina Express from either Long Beach or San Pedro to Avalon; but I personally prefer to take to the ocean, by traveling by sailboat. Alternatively, if you get seasick and have money to burn, you can splurge by taking a 15 minute helicopter ride over. From there, you’ll step into a semi-time machine: the town was established in the 1920s by William Wrigley (yes, of chewing gum fame) and at one time was both a training ground for the Chicago Cubs and a destination for Hollywood royalty, who danced in the lavish ballroom at the iconic Catalina Casino. Lots of the old-school charm that made it popular in the roaring ‘20s still exists in Avalon, though updates over the past decade have helped bring it into the 21st century, meaning it’s a great place to chill, party, or explore the outdoors, depending on what your vibe is.

One does not visit Catalina Island without renting a golf cart and driving around the island to take in all the beautiful views that the island offers.

Explore the oceanfront shops in Avalon, Dine on local island cuisine at Descano’s Beach club , Tour the island’s vast interior to see wild buffalo and dramatic coastline vistas, Hike trails to hidden harbors and inlets; and discover the crystal blue waters teeming with colorful fish by kayak, sailboat, or snorkel.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, exciting water sports, or just want some peace and quiet away from it all – It’s all waiting for you on Catalina Island.

That’s it for now, I’m Katelyn O’Shaughnessy, join me next week for another Travel Tuesday.