Trail Construction Project in Progress

The Platte River Trails section behind the Tate Pumphouse is still under construction. Our reporter Kimberly Barroteran went to see the progress.

I’m at the tate pump house, and as you can see behind me, there are construction workers walking back and forth as they are going through their beginning stages of resurfacing the trail. They are hoping to be done in as little as two weeks, so hopefully they can be done before the turkey trot that happens every year here at the Platte River Trails. The 15 year old asphalt trail behind the Pump House was seeing an increase of tree roots that had gone through the asphalt. The reconstruction will provide a safer and more pleasant experience for trail users. The new ten foot wide concrete trail will travel from the boat launch on the west side of the Platte River Trail to the East Side by the exercise equipment area. The project will also provide a new curve in the trail that will give people an opportunity to get closer to the river. Executive Director of the Platte River Trails Trust Angela Emery explains the importance of the project. Our organization feels like maintenance of the trail is extremely important. We want people to be safe. We want our trail system to be first class, so we are excited about this project. So far, they have removed the asphalt from the old trail that will be used as the base for the new concrete trail. The funding for the 65,000 dollar project is made possible through generous donors in the community and endowed funds with the Wyoming Community Foundation. We appreciate the generosity of donors in our community. It’s really crucial what that does for our organization, the donations we get. It allows us to do important projects like this one, which is a trail maintenance project, as well as our other new trail projects like our Paradise Valley to Robertson Road Bridge, which we hope to construct next fall. The Platte River Trails Trust is asking trail users to use the detour around the front of the Pump House parking lot until the construction is complete.

Reporting from Casper, I’m Kimberly Barroteran.