Time to Party! Two-Cents-Per-Gallon Gas Price Drop Celebrated by Dems

The last time I filled my gas tank, the total for 28 gallons was $95.00.  The thought of paying nearly triple figures to fill the tank made me shudder; after all, I burn through a tank of gas nearly every week with my job.

As I begrudgingly took the receipt from the pump, I remembered a year ago when America had just come off its first month of being a net exporter of oil and gas in decades.  Our energy independence, with its accompanying low prices for gas and other petroleum products, was something to celebrate.

So it was with sheer amusement I saw a Tweet this week from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) – the campaign arm of the Congressional House Majority – congratulate Joe Biden for lowering the nation’s average gas price…by two cents.

The tweet, shown in the graphic above, seemingly shows a significantly sloped decrease in cost over the past week. That is, until you look at the markings along the vertical (“Y”) axis.

A two-cent decrease is minuscule compared to the national increase over the past year of over $1.20 per gallon (from $2.16 to $3.37, according to AAA).  A two-cent decrease for an average fill up of 20 gallons will pay for another gallon of gas in four or five months; quite the reason to celebrate if you’re the DCCC, but quite the reason to be unimpressed if you’re the average American.


Rick Whitbeck is the Alaska State Director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for American energy jobs. Contact him at rick@powerthefuture.com and follow him on Twitter @PTFAlaska.