Three New Charter Schools Coming to WY

Three new charter schools are coming to Wyoming next year adding diversity to the educational landscape of the cowboy state. Your Wyoming Link William Langston spoke spoke with parents, who are weighing in on the new choices in schools. 

Three new charter schools are expected to come to Wyoming by next year, just like Poder Academy here in Cheyenne. Some parents are excited for the opportunity of diversity in education, and others are not sure what it might mean.

Maryann Brown is a resident of Cheyenne that would consider letting her children attend a charter school.

“I think it would be a great thing for a charter school to enter, but the charter school does differ in the religious realm of how the children sit there, as well as, I guess you could say, how they’re being represented.”

Marcos Martinez the CEO and founder of Poder academy in Cheyenne, explained what exactly a charter school is and what it would mean for Wyoming.

“Charter school is essentially a public school. The difference is, is we have our own governance, so we have our own board of trustees.”

The Cheyenne Classical Academy is expected come to Cheyenne by September of next year. Their curriculum comes from conservative school Hilsdale College.

Poder Academy’s curriculum focuses on making sure students are prepared to attend a college or university in the future.

“We have very high expectations for our students. We want to ensure that our students understand that they can make it to college regardless of their background.”

Marcos Martinez also recommends that no matter what parents should research and educate themselves on the right school for their students.

“I would say do your research. Not all charter schools are the same, just like not all public schools are the same. Go visit that school, talk to the people. Look on it. Look on online, if it’s a good fit.”

The three charter schools that are expected to come to Wyoming next year are the Prairie View Community School in Chugwater Wyoming, the Wyoming Classical Academy Charter school in Casper and the Cheyenne Classical Academy Charter school in Cheyenne.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.