The Albany Celebrates 80th Anniversary

The Albany is one of the most iconic restaurants in all of Cheyenne, and this weekend its celebrating it’s 80th anniversary. William Langston headed down to the Cheyenne landmark to take in the history.

The Albany’s current owner, Brian Bau, is proud to be a part of The Albany family and now a part of its history.

“In 1942 the restaurant that we still operate today opened up here at this location, and it’s just been an amazing run here for 80 years. And and we’re happy to be carrying it well into the future, really fortunate to be able to buy The Albany a little over a year ago. And we’re just going to keep on going here for the next 80 years.”

Some of the staff have worked here for years and they know what makes The Albany a special place in Cheyenne.”

“It is a place to go, especially if you’re a local. You don’t have too many homeowner restaurants that have lasted as long as this has.”

“I’ve been working here for nine years next month. Honestly, I love my coworkers. We’re like a family here, our customers. It’s just like this is like the little cheers bar of Cheyenne.”

After 80 years of quality service here in Cheyenne, the owner, the staff and the loyal customers hope that legacy continues for another 80 years.

“Absolutely a loyal customer. You keep coming back because it’s one of a kind. at least 100, 160 years would be great.”

“Our job is to continue to create those memories. And we hope that folks will come down on Saturday and and enjoy a pint or a soda with us and and cheers to 80 years.”

The Albany restaurant and bar will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this Saturday the 19th with $0.80 pints and soda as well as dinner specials for $19.42 commemorating the year they opened.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.