Thanksgiving Food Costs

Food prices are not showing many signs of dropping any time soon. Your Wyoming Link calculates what it will cost you for your locally purchased thanksgiving dinner.

A traditional thanksgiving dinner is going to cost more than an arm and a turkey leg. For the first time since the American Farm Bureau started recording prices, the organization is predicting a dinner costing more than $60. The cost of turkey up nearly $5 from last year at a few pennies shy of $30 for a 16 pound turkey. Other essentials for an updated Thanksgiving dinner on the rise too including a $0.64 increase for pumpkin pie mix and a $0.77 increase for a 4lb ham. Adding other essential holiday foods from the farm bureau’s list such as sweet potatoes and green beans, the grand total is $64.05, up $10.74 from last year. The updated dinner will be more than $80 at $81.30, up $12.58 from 2021. The lone item on the decline from the 15 item list? Cranberries. A 12 oz. serving down $0.41 from 2021.