Summer Travel In the Cowboy State

With the summer season upon us, more tourists are looking to experience the wild west. Our reporter Kimberly Barroteran spoke with residents in downtown Casper on what tourists should or shouldn’t do while visiting Wyoming. 

As more people from all over are coming to visit Wyoming, residents are sharing their advice to these travelers as they go through the cowboy state. Tourists are already visiting Casper as Rick Zeiter from Lodi, California says they wanted to stop for a few days to explore before moving to Idaho.

“A free open country we love it. The people are great. And Montana, North South Dakota, Wyoming. We’ve been here many times and this is just the area we enjoy coming in the good weather times we don’t come in the in the snow time.”

While tourists take advantage of visiting during the warmer months. Most locals also plan to take advantage by staying in Wyoming.

“Really we’re just going to stick around Casper. Maybe go down to the natural bridge is always a nice place to visit. Go up to Sheridan big horns but other than that we just kind of stick around home.”

Kristy Roden from Riverton participates in rodeos all over the state so she will also stay doing outdoor activities.

“We fish and hunt and go to the lake.”

Rhett Smiley from Riverton says most residents usually stay home in the summer and get out in the winter.

“What I see in Wyoming than anything else, take care of the ranches when it’s warm and animals are up and going and the crops are out but when it’s wintertime there’s not a whole lot going on. No. Get out, that’s when you vacation.”

But if tourists come across any buffalo in Wyoming, Baker says it’s best to look from a distance.

“Just stay away from the buffalo. Please stay away from the buffalo.”

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.