Sen Lummis | Energy Development, Kemmerer Nuclear Plant, American Energy Jobs and Climate Plan

We spoke with Senator Cynthia Lummis about energy development in Wyoming and the new nuclear plant coming to Kemmerer as well as the Senator’s American Energy Jobs and Climate Plan.

Senator Lummis: I think one of the themes that this past year has been that although scientists are great for what they produce in the studies that they have, it’s important for politicians and representatives to sort of lead policy as it goes to help them in science related subjects. Is that something that you see here too, I guess that maybe a disconnect between between science and then also the representatives and senators, and then it goes down to the workers who are producing this energy.

You know, I do believe there’s a disconnect efforts to destroy coal, oil and gas just because they’re hydrocarbons ignore the progress were making. In other areas, like capturing carbon, like using it to produce more oil from Legacy fields, that is cleaner than energy that’s being burned in other countries. The fact that Terra power now in Wyoming is going to convert a plant to Small Modular nuclear or a very brand new first of its kind nuclear energy plant is fascinating. Wyoming and the United States continue to lead in this area, and we want to have a plan on the table. That is an alternative to plans to just set certain arbitrary dates at which we’re going to face out oil, gas and coal that’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.

I think one of those misconceptions tends to be that people are open to new energy sources, or new and new energy producers. What is this plant? I think, say about one again, you mentioned Wyoming leading the nation in terms of this innovation. And then also, I guess, the openness of those in the energy industry to change if it’s if there’s a more viable option.

Absolutely, there are studies going on, even as we speak, to literally capture greenhouse gases from the air. And these studies are being conducted by major oil companies here in the United States. So these kinds of innovations only happen if we’re focused on innovating and continuing to use these energy sources and not just use political dogma to drive them out of business and now to big systems as part of our energy supply.