Reverend McClendon Discusses Upcoming Tour and Album

Will Silverstein: I’m pleased to be joined by Reverend Hilton McClendon. Can he be coming on tour in support of your projection of loves to album? So can you talk to us about this?

Hilton McClendon: This album and what it supports because it supports the I Am My brother my sister’s homeless program, right here in Cheyenne. Yes, yes. One of the things I have been concerned about an I should mention in regards to this to the album. This was almost 18 years ago. But I went into the studios and did this album Back in Billings, Montana. And I was doing a lot of crusades, tent meetings, revivals on the Native American reservation, the Crow Reservation, Northern Cheyenne, Blackfeet reservation, quite a few Su, all the different reservations that were up north and also hit some areas in Canada, of natives. So I was doing a lot of revival speaking. And like the same time I was singing the songs, somebody heard the songs, and they were like, Oh, you got to put that on. Yet, but that on tape. And so I went into the studio studio, and spent probably, I would say almost a month putting the songs together. And after that, I kind of went along and I distributed the first 500 of them that I had done. And after that, they were saying, Are you going to do anymore, you’re going to sell anymore? And I said well, my life kind of went from one thing to the other. I went pastoring in state of Illinois. And so I just kind of let it go for a while. And then when coming back here to Cheyenne, almost three years ago, I got with the producer here in town. And his name is Dan. Dan whirling is his name Dan whirling, and he put together the CD that I had already had. And now the rest is history. And since that time, I gave it to the Spotify people. And they received it they wanted it. They were saying we want to put this out and they did put it out so yes.