Reverend McClendon Discusses Upcoming Music Tour Supoorting Homeless Teens in Cheyenne

“Yes, I’m celebrating 55 years, which in Colorado, I was known in the Rocky Mountain newspaper as what’s known as the Denver’s Wonderboy preacher. And I preached at the age of this age of seven, at a lot of churches in the Colorado area, not just Denver. But back in those days, we were talking about the 60s. And so got around to several churches and was able to be known in the community, also raised up in the community went to a local elementary, junior high high school, and college. And so one of the things that came to me by being 55 years of I wanted to do something special as a fundraiser for the I Am My brother and sisters keeper. And so I have talked to several pastors that have been in wanting to invite me to come in to speak in the seeing at their churches, and I told him, I said, Well, we’ll do this, just make it I’m going to make it a tour. And it’ll be the whole year of 2022 that I will be touring. I’ll be in and out of town. I won’t be gone. All the time. I’ll be here in Cheyenne. But because I’m still putting things together we have funds that are coming in we and I like to thank those people that are out there in the community that have given to us we’ve had churches to give. We’ve had a bank to give we’ve had several people just walk in the office in give a donation for I am my brother and sisters keeper of Cheyenne program. So we want to celebrate it by my 55 Years celebration in fundraising to help the homeless and low income people. I am proud because there is a need. So much. So here in Cheyenne, we have several other programs that are going on. And I believe the more the merrier. Because the more when you look at hundreds of people that are homeless people that are in staying in other people’s houses that stay in in their cars at the homeless shelter the Camilla, some that there are just in the streets that won’t go to Camilla but they’re going to in the streets with their I’ve seen it with their camp bags and their tents and different things, you know, and they’re just out there. And so the more people or programs that we can get to help, especially during this season, this season of the year Christmas and also going into a new year, starting off the new year right by trying to help people out.”