Reverend McClendon Discusses Homeless Program

We spoke with Reverend Hilton McClendon about his upcoming tour in support of his homeless program.

Reverend Hilton McClendon: We’re excited. And not only that, we’ll I have two recordings that I’m going to be taking out with me. I did a recording back in 1987. And I had a, I have a, I have a producer that puts my recordings together does things for me. And he put this 1987 At that time, it was a record, you know, they had the album’s you know, I did a live recording and I had two choirs and I, I was speaking and singing. And I put it together. And I’m going to have that on my travels with me. Not only also that I have, I don’t know, I have a new album. It’s been out probably, it’s really been 20 years, but it’s back out again, I’m letting it back out again. It’s called projection of love. I did it in Montana, with some Crow, Native Americans Crow, they regrow from the reservation. They were my band members. And as they rhythm in blues, and it’s gospel, but you hear the sound of it, people get excited, they get stirred up behind it, and they enjoy it. And I’m going to be taking that with me as I go travel out into on my tour. I know I’m not as young as I used to be. So I’m limited. There were times I used to when I did tours, I would go for two and I would go for three to four weeks at a time speaking and singing. And but now I’m going to limit that. I’m going to do do some short sales and do what I can. I’ll be going as far as New York and as far as La places that I’ve preached all across the country. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything International. I have been asked to do some international I used to do some international preaching, but I think I’m going to try it within the 2022 to stay within the country.