Residents See High Gas Bills

Many people across Wyoming – seeing sticker shock with their gas bills lately. So we sent our Kimberly Barroteran to talk with Black Hills Energy about why rates have significantly increased.

Some residents are seeing the highest gas bills they’ve ever received. And Black Hills Energy says there are some factors that are driving up their rates.

 Last week we spoke to Casper residents who noticed a major difference in their utility bill.

 “My most recent one, I know, is just about twice as much as a year ago at this same time.”

 “I think it’s even more increased than that. It’s a pretty substantial increase, at least three times what we were paying.”

 Black Hills Energy community affairs manager Laurie Farkas says one factor is because the price of natural gas, which is historically higher.

 “The market price of natural gas has increased by about 50% over last year. And this number is more than double or even triple the historically low prices that we’ve become accustomed to in Wyoming over the last 8 to 10 years.”

 Along with Wyoming’s colder temperatures this winter.

“We use more energy to heat our homes and businesses to keep them warm. Even if that thermostat stays set at the same temperature.”

 But if conservation measures aren’t bringing costs down, Farkas says customers can enroll in their efficiency programs to help keep bills as affordable as possible.

 “We leverage our teams of gas supply experts to purchase natural gas at the very best possible prices. And we do not make money on the cost of natural gas. Our customers are actually charged what we pay for the cost of the commodity with zero markup from us.”

Until natural gas prices subside, there’s no telling how long we will continue seeing these increased rates.

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.