Representative Mike Yin Discusses Corporations Committee

We spoke with Representative Mike Yin about the Corporations Committee.

Will Silverstein: Have you jumped into this process as a replacement for representable? What has it been like jumping on a moving train, so to speak?

Mike Yin: So, you know, I, I took over for representative LaBelle, and so shoot, she’ll be coming back once the session starts. But I think the intent here was to just do the best job that we can. And, and I hope I’ve also tried to represent her interests as well as as she would have wanted if she had stayed on the committee. But I think it’s been an interesting experience. And, you know, because it involves literally everyone in the entire legislature, as well as everyone in the entire state. It’s it, it requires a lot of discussion, to really make sure that you hear what everyone has to say, you know, with Representative LeBeau. She represents a district that is a minority majority district, so she’s the only one in the state where it’s majority of a minority population, that being Native American and Fremont County. And so that one is also important because it’s for complying with the voting rights act on the federal level, and so, it is important also to make sure that Fremont County voice does get hurt and hopefully I’m helping her do that.