Representative Greear & Special Sessions Impact

We spoke with Representative Mike Greear of Big Horn and Washakie counties about the impact of the special session on his counties in the north.

“What were your concerns? I guess for some of the some of the bills that didn’t go through some of the bills that did go through? I guess the one bill that did go through if it was strongly worded language enough in the fact that I know it was sort of a compromise that was reached there at at $4 million that I believe the house was asking for under 1 million at the same time, said it was willing to go up to $10 million for legal battles as related to COVID-19. mandates.

Yeah, you know, so House Bill, one was a, you know, this take a stance against the federal government this make this clear that we want to be able to govern as a state and make these decisions. The litigation fund was really the only thing that separated that bill from being a general resolution. In terms of the funding of it, I wasn’t, I was on a conference committee. It really didn’t matter to me our appropriations to House Appropriations Committee said that the governor had enough funds available and other litigation funds to get us through to the budget session in February. I took them at their word. The Senate wanted to make a strong statement by saying there’s $10 million here for this specific purpose. I think the 4 million still makes that that is a very strong statement. It will be looking at it again in three months. So I as far as the funding in that bill goes, I wasn’t concerned where we landed. He was fine with being.”