Representative Blake Moore Discusses New National Monument

We spoke with U.S. Representative Blake Moore about his legislation which will see the erection of a new national monument dedicated to medal of honor winners.

There’s a, there’s a big effort, it’s been a big effort, a big push for several years now to get this to where it is now. And one of the things I love about it is, it’s privately funded, the money’s being raised from private donations and foundation money, then, you know, there’s a, there’s a separate sort of parallel track going on in the Arlington, Texas area with the Jerry Jones family, to building the building museum there. So a museum in Texas, and a monument in the Washington DC National Mall area. And, you know, the stars aligned and everything worked out this in the 117th Congress. And there’s been there’s been a few other attempts in previous sessions. And we were able to get it to the finish line. This year, I’m really excited to be a part of it. One of the most exciting things has to be the time of year this bill passed, it was good to have good bipartisan collaboration, probably more than norm than then then. Then what we understand in the general public eye, that there’s a lot of suspension bills that get passed on voice vote, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of things, this one was really great to be able to take it to the floor, passing a unanimous vote in the House of Representatives, that is something that’s not common. Usually, there’s a few dissenting elements to any of these votes from either side of the aisle. And then for it to go through unanimously in the Senate. It’s just, it shows that the work that you know, the foundation and the folks at the National Medal of Honor, they worked hard on this, they worked hard, you know, on their push for, you know, the foundation and private side, but also, you know, getting this through Congress and, and, you know, I worked with with Mark VC, Representative VC out of Texas, as it’s given us a great opportunity to build a good strong relationship that will that will, you know, keep us being productive in Congress, to the extent is, to the extent possible, they’ll always be disagreements, but we need things like this to bring us together.