Rep Mike Greer Shares his Thoughts on Recent Special Session

We spoke with Big Horn and Washakie Representative Mike Greer about the special session and what he wished the legislature would have delivered on.

“I know there was some disappointment amongst members of the House and in some of the Senate to that once the inside of committee, once it had also gone to the Senate in advance had a committee that had been severely weakened from what it once was when you took it out of the house.”

“It was, and it got weakened in the house too, in my, my opinion, and but that, you know, that’s why we go down there, right, is to take the varying views we just discussed earlier, you know, the views in Laramie County, are regarding vaccination are probably different, if not significantly different than the views and Washakie. County. That’s that’s why we go down there to debate those discuss those and compromise is not a dirty word compromise is part of legislating, because, you know, am am I disappointed? We didn’t get more out of the session. In terms of legislation? The answer to that question is yes. Do I think that it was worthwhile? The answer, that is definitely it, the debate was necessary for the state of Wyoming. We we needed to go down and have that discussion. That’s what we’re supposed to do. busiest time of the year for me, quite frankly, one of the busiest times you could ever get with beet harvest going on. And I made the time to go down there and represent the people in my district. And I will never regret that.”

“Yeah, I think it’s something to be said that it’s that that it’s a part time legislature position. But it’s really something that’s become full time recently for those who are also fully employed as well like yourself, who are going out there and taking the time. And also bringing with yourself, I know that you talked about hearing, hearing the experience of people from across the state and also bringing in some of your own experiences to from across the state. I’m sure it’s very valuable for for some of your colleagues who maybe you don’t see or hear from live on opposite sides of the state to, to listen to and likewise listen to them as well.”

“Yeah, you know, those comments are all very good. The strength of Wyoming is its citizen legislature. And so I’ll be going into my 12th session. And I’ve been on management council longer than any other member of Management Council. And it is a huge concern of mine, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have your day job, as we call it, the one that pays the bills and still be able to be effective in the legislature. It is it’s very difficult. We have a lot of legislature, a lot of legislators who are sacrificing their recreational activities. They’re sacrificing time with their family. And it’s all because they care for the state and will make a difference.”