Tattoo Regulations in Cheyenne

There are some growing concerns in Cheyenne with tattoo artists operating out of their homes without proper licenses. Your Wyoming Link William Langston found out what could happen when you receive an illegal tattoo.

Jason Jeffers owns and operates Electric Sabbath here in Cheyenne. He explained some of the issues that come with tattooing without regulation.

“Being legal and being safe should always be a good concern as far as if somebody wants to go get a tattoo because the things that can come with it if they don’t are real, real permanent to. So we deal with sterile technique pretty regularly, almost every day. And what we do is treat everything as though it’s infected all the time. And if you don’t get taught that by a professional, it’s real difficult to understand how to do that correctly.”

And Jason Jeffers also offers some advice for those looking to get a tattoo.

“I think the best advice is go in person, see these people, see how you actually feel about them, and then watch them do a few tattoos or hang out.”

Getting a new tattoo can be a very exciting experience, but without proper license and regulation, it can also be a dangerous one.

“So there’s really two different areas we’re concerned about. First is infection. You know, if things aren’t if the equipment isn’t clean, it can lead to infection. It could lead to hepatitis b, hepatitis c or even HIV.”

Kathy Emmons is the executive director at the Laramie County health department and she explains why obtaining a tattoo license is so important especially when it comes to cleanliness.

“One of the most important is the cleanliness and the procedures used to clean the equipment.”

Before getting your next tattoo make sure your artist is reputable and has their license to avoid health complications later down the line.

William Langston Your Wyoming Lnk Cheyenne.