Possible Public Transit System to Connect WY to CO

Several people in Cheyenne regularly commute to Colorado for work and pleasure. A proposed public transit system could make that commute a bit easier for those tired of I-25. Your Wyoming Link William Langston has the story. 

Driving down I-25 to Colorado can get a little hectic, but a proposed public transit system connecting Cheyenne to northern Colorado could make some of those travel nightmares go away.

Dale Steenbergen the CEO of Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is excited for the possibility of a new public transit system connecting us with Colorado.

“We have believed for a long time that one of the keys to our future success and one of the major keys for economic development is how we can be connected to Colorado.”

Dale Steenbergen also mentions the proposed idea for “front range rail” a rail system that would effectively connect northern Colorado with southern Wyoming without having to deal with additional infrastructure added onto I-25.

“Our economy in Cheyenne is a lot more tied to the front range than it is to say Jackson, Wyoming. We have to have a corridor to do that and front range rail offers that opportunity.”

Some members of the community are excited by the idea of ease of access to northern Colorado.

“That would be awesome for residents who commute back and forth.”

“I think it would help that just the traffic to between here and Fort Collins and if they could expand it and take it on down to Denver, that would be wonderful.”

The metropolitan planning organization and the Wyoming department of transportation are asking for the public’s opinion on this proposal by visiting cowytransitstudy.com.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.