No Idling Law May Soon Be Overturned

On cold days like this it may seem like a good idea to warm up your car before you head out  but did you know idling is actually illegal in Wyoming. As William Langston tells us, the state legislature may overturn that “no idling law.”

Right now, leaving your vehicle idle like this is illegal in the state of Wyoming. But house bill 239 would change that to make it legal. Some people in Cheyenne were unaware of the no idle law and would like to see it overturned.

Jonah Ewaliko admits he’s left his car idle and would support the bill being overturned.

“I did. Just briefly, just to go in and run in some stores. But it’s never common land or likely for me to. I was unaware and actually, yeah, I would have some support for that.”

Tom Jurek doesn’t understand why it would be illegal to warm up his car on cold days like this.

“I’m surprised, particularly when you have weather like this. I like to warm the car up a few minutes before I start driving it.”

The Cheyenne police department advises against leaving your car idol warning it could attract criminals.

“Even if you’re just running into the gas station really quick or you have your vehicle after running in the driveway. It could still put you at risk and it could give a thief a free ride in a warm vehicle”

Police suggest it’s better to remain inside your vehicle while warming it up.

“Instead of leaving a vehicle running unlocked and unattended. The individual stays in the vehicle while it warms up and that the vehicle remains locked.”

State representative Dan Zwonitzer told Your Wyoming Link that in the past this was a larger concern over cars left idling, but now with updated technology he believes the law is not needed.

“But I think nowadays, with safety mechanisms and vehicles and automatic locking, it just no reason we would ever charge somebody with a crime for leaving the car running.”

No word yet on when lawmakers might vote on the bill to repeal the no idling law, but representative Zwonizer hopes with so many sponsors on board, the bill will easily pass.

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.