New Law in Cheyenne Passes Unanimously

A new law in Cheyenne makes interfering with a 911 call or knowingly calling 911 without an emergency illegal. Your Wyoming Link’s William Langston reports city council passed this new law unanimously.

Have you ever needed traffic directions or information about local laws or wanted to report a suspicious individual? The City of Cheyenne wants to remind citizens that 911 is used for emergencies only and should not be called for anything else. Mark Rinne is a member of Cheyenne’s City Council that passed the new ordinance at Monday’s meeting. He believes that it’s extremely necessary to prevent some of the calls that come into 911.

“People calling for non-emergency reasons, sometimes tying up the system so that a true emergency can’t always get through right away. Sometimes an issue has been with the police department where they’ve actually responded something that thought was an emergency. It turned out it was something innocuous.”

City Councilman Richard Johnson spoke out at Monday’s meeting about how social media can lead to non emergency calls. Johnson referred to a Tik Tok hoax that claimed zip ties were placed on car handles to monitor people for human trafficking.

“Basically, there was a lot of stir over the weekend in regards to this. and so when people feel fear off something they see on social media and then call in to 911, you know, looking for information and things like that, that this can also be another deterrent that somebody might be cited for something that can be classified as an online hoax.”

Mark Rinne also made it clear that up until now there wasn’t a way to hold people accountable for a misusing 911.

“And we had nothing in order to cite people into municipal courts. So that’s why we needed the ordinance.”

The ordinance is now in effect and makes the misuse of the 911 emergency line punishable by no more than 6 months in jail and no more than a fine of $750. Police remind everyone that for any non emergency questions, the non emergency dispatch line is always available at 307-637-6525.

William Langston, Your Wyoming Link, Cheyenne