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San Francisco issues warning amid fentanyl overdose deaths

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San Francisco health officials issued a warning Thursday following a spike in fentanyl overdoses in which users were exposed to the opioid while using cocaine. The city’s health department said it was alerted to three incidents in the past two weeks in which people were using cocaine and “were unintentionally exposed to fentanyl.”Another nine similar non-fatal events occurred in two groups of people, the agency said. LIBERAL US CITIES CHANGE COURSE, NOW CLEARING HOMELESS CAMPS
A bag of fentanyl pills worth $85,000, according to CBP. 
(Twitter/@USBPChiefTCA)Fentanyl overdoses have increased in San Francisco since 2015, with an estimated 474 deaths in 2021, the Health Department said. The deaths usually involved the presence of other drugs, the agency said, such as cocaine and methamphetamine. “The similar appearance of fentanyl and stimulants may lead to unintentional use of fentanyl among people who use stimulants and have little or no tolerance to opioid,” the warning said. The three people who died apparently used the drug in the city’s Mission district, Supervisor Hillary Ronen tweeted earlier this month. “The tragedy of this crisis knows no bounds,” she wrote. “We must do everything in our power to save people from this deadly epidemic.”
Roger Boyd, 35, holds a piece of foil containing Fentanyl while spending time on McAllister Street in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, Calif. The city’s health agency issued a warning Thursday after learning of three fentanyl-related overdose deaths within the past two weeks.
(Photo by Jessica Christian/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)Fentanyl, which can be up to 50 times more potent than heroin is often sold in powder form, the Health Department said. Last week, five West Point cadets vacationing in Florida for spring break overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine, authorities said. Four were hospitalized. In December, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a plan to combat crime and drug use, specifically in the troubled Tenderloin neighborhood. In 2020, the city experienced 700 drug overdose deaths, she said.Her state of emergency for the neighborhood ends this week after authorities spent 90 days allocating resources there but an additional 20 police officers have been assigned to the Tenderloin to address crime and drug dealing. 
Travis Hayes, 65, injects what he says is the synthetic drug fentanyl on Feb. 27, 2020, across the street from where San Francisco mayor London Breed held a news conference introducing legislation to curb the rise of deadly overdoses in the city, at the Tenderloin section.  
(Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “Since the emergency was declared, thousands of people have been referred to health and human services, hundreds have received shelter, and tons and tons of trash and debris have been removed from the streets,” Breed said in a statement Wednesday. “While we’ve made noticeable progress, we’ve made a commitment to the Tenderloin community and we’re continuing our emergency response.”

Florida driver plows through preschool playground, killing 4-year-old girl, injuring child, troopers say

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A 4-year-old girl is dead, and a 5-year-old girl is in serious condition after a driver plowed through a preschool playground in Florida on Wednesday.Kiara Morant, 18, was driving an SUV around 4:30 p.m. when she crashed into a fenced playground area where the two girls were playing at the Imagination Station Learning Center Preschool in Arcadia, about 90 miles southeast of Tampa.”All she was doing was playing in the playground. We just want her back. We want her back,” Josephine Valdez, the grandmother of the girl who was killed, told FOX 13 Tampa. FLORIDA MAN ARRESTED AFTER KICKING PUPPY IN FACE, TELLS COPS HE WAS UPSET DOG ATE HIS FOOD AT BEACH: POLICEAccording to a crash report, Morant — who did not have a valid driver’s license — was traveling on East Magnolia Street in a Jeep Cherokee when she drove over a raised concrete curb, hit a street sign, crossed the sidewalk, and crashed into a chain-link fence at the corner of the preschool.
Kiara Morant, 18, was driving an SUV around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday when she crashed into a fenced playground area where the two girls were playing.
(Florida Highway Patrol)Troopers said the Jeep then drove into the playground, where it struck several other wooden-support posts and playground equipment. The two girls who were playing in that area were struck by the vehicle, which eventually stopped after crashing into a tree.
The Imagination Station Learning Center Preschool in Arcadia, Florida
(Google Maps)The 4-year-old girl was taken to Gulf Coast Hospital where she died, while the 5-year-old girl was taken to DeSoto Memorial Hospital in serious condition.”We said our last goodbye to her last night, holding her hand. Just begging, please come back. Please don’t go,” Valdez said, according to FOX 13. FLORIDA MAN ACCUSED OF CALLING 911 TO HAVE METH TESTED FOR AUTHENTICITY, AUTHORITIES SAYMorant, who had minor injuries following the crash, was arrested for not having a valid driver’s license. Morant bonded out of jail before the child died, troopers said, noting she could face additional charges.”Right now this driver faces several felony charges, just based simply upon the fact that she was not properly licensed,” Trooper Ken Watson told FOX 13. “Flat out should not have been behind the wheel at the time.”A memorial with balloons and toys was set up outside the playground following the deadly crash.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe incident remains under investigation, authorities said. 

Missouri interstate crash involving 40-50 vehicles results in at least five dead: Report

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At least five people are dead after a crash involving 40-50 vehicles occurred on a Missouri interstate, according to reports.The crash involving 40-50 vehicles happened on Missouri’s Interstate 57 near Charleston on Thursday morning, according to KFVS 12.Terry Parker, the Mississippi County coroner told the news outlet that five deaths have been confirmed.DC RESTAURANT CRASH: 2 DEAD, SEVERAL INJURED AFTER CAR PLOWS INTO OUTDOOR SEATING AREA
At least five people are dead after a crash involving 40-50 vehicles occurred on a Missouri interstate, according to reports.
(KFVS-TV)Conditions at the time of the crash were foggy, according to Zach Bolden, director of the Mississippi County EMS. He said that someone likely hit their brakes and caused a chain reaction.One person was airlifted from the location of the crash to a hospital.GEORGIA CAR CRASH KILLS 4 AFTER HITTING SPEEDS OF UP TO 170 MPH: REPORTInterstate 57 was “completely blocked” near the crash, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.”Interstate 57 is completely blocked at the 13.4 mm due to a multiple tractor trailer crash and fire. Duration of closure is unknown at this time,” the tweet reads.GET THE FOX NEWS APP
At least five people are dead after a crash involving 40-50 vehicles occurred on a Missouri interstate, according to reports.
(KFVS-TV)Captain John Hotz, director of Public Information Division for the Missouri Highway Patrol, told the news outlet that multiple tractor-trailers were part of the incident.

Wisconsin dentist found guilty of breaking patients' teeth so he could fix them in fraud scheme

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A Wisconsin dentist was found guilty of healthcare fraud and other charges after he made millions of dollars in a scheme by intentionally damaging his patients’ teeth and charging them for fixing the damage he caused, according to federal prosecutors.Scott Charmoli, 61, was convicted on March 11 of five counts of healthcare fraud and two counts of making false statements related to healthcare matters, announced United States Attorney Richard G. Frohling of the Eastern District of Wisconsin. Charmoli, of Grafton, faces a maximum of 60 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced in June. DENTIST WARNS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER USE MOUTHWASH AFTER BRUSHING TEETH
Man at the dentist, having his teeth checked
(iStock)In the scheme, prosecutors said Charmoli, in 2015, started to aggressively sell patients on the need for crown procedures, a procedure where a tooth-shaped cap is placed on the damaged tooth. After convincing his patients they needed crowns, prosecutors said Charmoli purposely broke his patients’ teeth with a drill during the procedures. He then submitted x-rays and photographs of the damaged teeth to insurance companies to obtain insurance coverage for the crowns.Insurance companies believed those images represented the pre-operative condition of the teeth and paid the claims, prosecutors said. 
Dentist office
(iStock)A patient, Todd Tedeschi, testified that Charmoli convinced him to get two crowns done at once, so he could avoid having to repeat anesthesia – even though Tedeschi believed his teeth were fine. BOY, 3, DIES AT DENTIST AFTER ‘UNANTICIPATED REACTION TO MEDICINE,’ REPORT SAYS”It seemed excessive, but I didn’t know any better,” Tedeschi said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He was the professional. I just trusted him.”Charmoli billed over $4.2 million for crown procedures between 2016 and 2019, and he performed more crowns than 95% of Wisconsin dentists in each of those years, prosecutors said, citing data from an insurance company.Charmoli performed more than 700 crown procedures annually between 2015 and 2019, prosecutors added. Prosecutors said evidence also showed Charmoli made false statements to dental insurers when they denied initial claims from crown coverage. The scheme was revealed after Charmoli sold the practice in 2019. While reviewing files, the new owners realized the number of crown procedures was out of the ordinary. In December 2020, a federal grand jury indicted Charmoli. Nearly 100 of Charmoli’s former patients have also sued him for medical malpractice, however, those cases won’t start until the outcome of the federal prosecution, the paper reported. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPCharmoli’s license to practice dentistry in the state of Wisconsin has been suspended since February last year. He was first licensed in 1986.

Donations for Ukrainians pour into Detroit-area warehouse

Donations intended to assist those both defending and fleeing Ukraine are pouring into a Detroit-area warehouseBy MIKE HOUSEHOLDER Associated PressMarch 17, 2022, 9:21 PM• 2 min readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleHAMTRAMCK, Mich. — Donations intended to assist those both defending and fleeing Ukraine are pouring into a Detroit-area warehouse.Dozens of volunteers have been sorting, packing and shipping items ranging from diapers and feminine hygiene products to medical supplies and non-lethal personal protective gear since the beginning of the Russian invasion last month.“When you watch news and you see all those horrific acts that’s going on in Ukraine, you just feel helpless and depressed in a way,” said Nazarii Semchyshyn, who is helping to coordinate the effort. “But as soon as you start doing something, collecting things or donating, you feel better about yourself and you feel that you’re making a difference.”Semchyshyn is with Standard Trucking, which is owned by a Ukrainian American who has allowed volunteers to use the logistics company’s warehouse and loading dock in the Detroit enclave of Hamtramck.Two air shipments of about 3000 pounds (1360.78 kilograms) each have been sent to Poland so far, said Semchyshyn, who expects an even bigger shipment to go out this weekend. All items are donated, as is the cost of the shipments, he said.Phil Weipert brought a carful of blankets, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club chapter in South Lyon, Michigan, on Thursday.The group had the 100-150 blankets in storage, because hospitals and health-care facilities would not accept them due to the pandemic, said Weipert, who added that “we saw the news stories about children (in Ukraine) needing blankets to be covered from falling glass.”Semchyshyn said the first donations started coming in late last month and were mainly supplied by those in the Ukrainian-American community. But once word started to spread, the donations came quickly, he said.Rocky Raczkowski, a military veteran and former state legislator, was among those sorting and packing inside the vast warehouse on Thursday.“I’m really heartened by the fact that so many people in metropolitan Detroit (are) pouring out so much to help the Ukrainian community,” he said.The shipments are being sent to Poland, where the items will be redistributed, according to Semchyshyn, who said volunteers will keep at it “hopefully until the end of the conflict.”

Child was driving vehicle involved in Texas head-on crash that killed nine people: NTSB

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A 13-year-old was driving the pickup truck that hit a University of the Southwest bus in a head-on collision Tuesday night in West Texas, killing nine people, National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg said on Thursday.The pickup truck crossed into the opposite lane on a two-lane highway in West Texas when it hit the bus, which was carrying the university’s men’s and women’s golf teams.
A 13-year-old was driving the pickup truck that hit a University of the Southwest bus in a head-on collision Tuesday night in West Texas, killing nine people, National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg said on Thursday.
(KWES via AP)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Landsberg said that while the speed of the two vehicles is unclear, “this was clearly a high-speed collision.”Fox News’ Stephen Sorace and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

Gun ammo salesman confirmed to Tennessee education board

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have confirmed a businessman to the State Board of Education despite a backlash over his company’s online sales of ammunition used in mass shootingsBy JONATHAN MATTISE Associated PressMarch 17, 2022, 8:41 PM• 3 min readShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this articleNASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee lawmakers have confirmed the governor’s appointment of a businessman to the State Board of Education despite lawsuits over his company’s sale of ammunition online, including the bullets used in a mass shooting at a Texas high school.The Republican-supermajority General Assembly gave its final approval to Jordan Mollenhour in a 71-14 House vote Thursday. The Senate approved the pick last week.Republican Gov. Bill Lee appointed Mollenhour to the 11-member board last November. GOP lawmakers praised his business acumen and commitment to his community.Mollenhour’s profile on the board’s website says he and his business partner, Dustin Gross, have started, bought or invested in numerous U.S. businesses since founding the privately-owned investment firm Mollenhour Gross LLC in 2004. Some of these have relocated to Knoxville.Democratic lawmakers have centered their opposition on his role in Lucky Gunner, a Tennessee-based online ammo dealer owned by Mollenhour Gross LLC. Some also questioned how his resume qualified him for the education role.“There are 7 million people in this state,” Democratic Senate Minority Jeff Yarbro said during debate last week. “We ought to be able to find one who is not involved in ongoing litigation about possible responsibility in a school shooting.”Republican House Majority Leader William Lamberth defended Mollenhour on Thursday, saying that “if a person sells enough ammunition, there will be an evil person that misuses it.”A lawsuit in Texas accuses Lucky Gunner of not verifying the age of Dimitrios Pagourtzis before selling him more than 100 rounds of ammunition, some of which were used to kill 10 people at Santa Fe High School, southeast of Houston, in 2018.Pagourtzis was a 17-year-old junior at the time. Federal law prohibits minors from purchasing handgun ammunition, and also bars licensed gun companies from selling handgun or shotgun ammunition to minors.Mollenhour is a defendant in the civil case. Last month, the Texas Supreme Court denied the company’s request to have the lawsuit dismissed.Lucky Gunner and its owners had argued they were immune from litigation under the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibits firearms and ammunition manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when their products are used in crimes.Lucky Gunner had faced a similar lawsuit after the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting in Colorado in which 12 people were killed. But a federal judge dismissed that lawsuit in 2015.Mollenhour said in an emailed statement to The Tennessean last week that anti-gun groups used his nomination to “attack the 2nd amendment once again.”“I reached out to a number of today’s critics many weeks ago and offered to answer any questions,” Mollenhour said. “I didn’t get a single question which only confirms that their antics today have nothing to do with facts. It was political theatre.”Mollenhour, a campaign donor to Lee, is “an extremely successful business owner,” said Rep. Jason Zachary, a Republican from Mollenhour’s city of Knoxville. “He’s a philanthropist, very giving, very generous to the Knoxville community” and statewide.