Local Dispatchers Recognized For Life Saving Work

Local 911 operators and dispatchers are honored in our community for National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. Kimberly Barroteran went down to the dispatch center for a look at the important role they play in public safety.

Dispatchers are the heroes behind the call here at the Natrona County Public Safety Communications Center. I spoke with Communications Manager Lori Jackson, who has been helping the community with emergency responses for the last 25 years. Jackson expresses that a dispatcher’s job is not an easy one due to the nature of the calls and long hours. 

“We share our community’s worst moments and so, you know, there’s stressful calls that come in, certainly shift work as part of the stress that’s added. Long hours, they work 12 hour shifts. So it’s a long time to be sitting in a room taking, you know, one tragedy after another. And so, you know, the stress of the job certainly is a big concern. 911 what’s the address of your emergency?”

Casper PD mentions that in 2021, the center answered over 169,000 phone calls, 30,000 of them being 911 calls, breaking it down to around 460 calls a day, with 90% answered within 10 seconds. They go through an extensive training program to be able to answer the calls from our community. 

“And so the questions that they’re asking are, because the responders need to know the answers to that, or so they can give you directions to best help yourselves until the first responders actually arrive on scene. And so the training program is is very in-depth. and so you’re not just getting anybody answering the phones. they they’ve been in training for a long time and they continue to train throughout their careers.”

Jackson appreciates that her and the team are being recognized for their work. 

“But this is a special week for us. You know, really, they they deserve recognition all year. But it’s nice that there’s a week set aside that, you know, just an extra spotlight as is shown on the incredible work that’s done here.” 

Thank you to our telecommunications for answering calls and saving lives every day in the community. Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.