LCCC Agricultural Program Receives Award

LCCC’s agricultural program was just named as outstanding by the National Association of Agricultural Educators, or NAAE. Today, we learn a little bit more about how students will carry their education in agriculture to a career in the future.

Lindsey Freeman is the Director of the agricultural and equine program at Laramie County Community College. She says there is more to the industry than growing crops and raising cattle.

“I think a lot of times we just think about agriculture as plants and animals. You know, crops and farming, which there is a lot of that involved, obviously. But there’s so much more.”

According to Lindsey she has noticed more students are pursuing an education in AG.

“Our enrollment is is quite a bit up from last year and you can just feel the excitement of the students around last year.”

A couple of students took some time out of their day to explain what inspired them to pursue a career in the agricultural industry, like Trent Petersen from Montana.

“I’ve been in it most of my life. I’ve been raising cows, sheep, pigs, wanted to get more into the business side of it, get it, learn the finances and be able to start up my own ranch.”

Trent says this program is very diverse allowing him to get the education he needs to pursue his passion.

“There’s a lot of different avenues that I can go into that I have the resources to kind of go do what I want and make something cool out of it.

Another student, Kayt Ward, grew up in Utah where her passion for animals began.

“I grew up on a black angus cattle ranch, that’s kind of what got me into the animal science pathway.”

Kayt hopes to pursue a career in animal genetics.

“I plan on transferring to a four year university and just continue my education in animal science and then going to a master’s program where I can focus on genetics.”

LCCC’s ag and equine program’s are helping student pursue their passions while finding a career a the same time.

William Langston your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.