Law to Pass, Includes 4-H in Excused Absence Activities

Starting next fall, students in the cowboy state who participate in 4H, will be able to better balance their involvement in the Ag program with school.

Most parents are accustomed to students getting days off from school to compete in extracurricular sports activities like football and baseball. But now a new law here in Wyoming would allow students who compete in 4H activities to get those same excused absences to compete in their competitions.

Isabelle Seivley is a student at Laramie County Community College, she competed in 4H events in the past and believes this bill would allow for equal opportunity for those who compete in organized sports and 4H competitions.

“I think for a lot of kids and for age, that their activities and what they do and 4H is probably just as important to them as other kids who are in sports, like baseball, basketball or football and things like that. And so having that opportunity to be able to take time off of school and it be an excused absence rather than just having to be called in would be really important to them.”

Tomi Strock is a state representative for Converse county who sponsored this bill. She hopes that this bill will not just benefit students but also parents.

“What I’m hoping with this also is to just be on the step in the right direction, to give these parents back a lot of their rights as set be excused when they feel it’s deemed necessary.”

Representative Strock also mentioned that it would allow for 4H competitions and organized sports to be on equal grounds.

“They don’t have that fear of not have the same playing field, as you might say, as one of the other students. And they won’t have that fear of not being excused and knowing that they now can still make up their work.”

Representative Strock believes the education students get from these agricultural activities will provide skills that can be used throughout their life.

“But it is very important and the learning that you get in 4H and FFA sets you up to be successful through the rest of your life.”

Students who participate in 4H competitions can expect to see this law go into effect July 1st. Meaning students who compete will receive excused absences starting next school year. 

William Langston Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.