Interview | CFD Winter Blood Drive

Will Silverstein spoke with Tori Robbins from Vitalant about Cheyenne Frontier Days winter blood drive from 9am-3pm at the CFD events center.

Will Silverstein: Pleased to be joined by Tori Robbins from Vitalant. Tori how are you doing today?

Tori Robbins: I’m doing really good getting ready for the holiday. I think I’m about 90%. There. So that’s good.

Will Silverstein: Yep. Almost there. Now, can you talk to us about this big event on Tuesday, in conjunction with Cheyenne Frontier Days? What is this blood drive for.

Tori Robbins: So we do the annual gift of life blood drive with the Cheyenne Frontier Days, we do a lot of activities with them, actually, where they’re a great sponsor and a great supporter of vitality, and the area blood supply and just getting the word out as for not only donating blood, consistently, but especially donating blood around the holidays. So we’re still doing this blood drive with him. Again, like you said, it’s on the 21st. Tuesday, the 21st of this month, it’ll be from nine to three at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Events Center. And so you can get an appointment by going to by And then you’ll be asked if you want to use a sponsor code, and it’s C 0124. And that gets you into that specific blood drive. Or if you don’t want to remember that code, you can definitely just use your zip code in the Cheyenne area. It’ll get you all the information and the ability to sign up right there online.