Inaugural Empty Bowl Fundraiser

Over $30,000 were donated during the inaugural Empty Bowl fundraiser at the Laramie County fairgrounds. Your Wyoming Link William Langston was there and shows us how the community came together.

Over 250 people from Cheyenne and the surrounding areas gathered to raise money and talk about food insecurity Thursday evening. Karl Klein, the chief development officer for volunteers of America explained that this event is about more than just food.

“Empty Bowl is, it’s a community awareness event. This is about being aware of all things, not just food insecurity, but mental health, substance abuse, homelessness. they all tie together.”

And Karl Klein also stresses that events like these galvanize community support.

“And so this event is about how how do we work together in the community to begin to resolve some of those issues.”

The Empty Bowl fundraiser not only focuses on raising money, but it also focuses on getting food to those in need. And tonight, they are not short on volunteers.

“So we’re with the Harmony House, we’re volunteering, we’re walking around serving soup, make sure everybody’s got supplies. So we need to serve. We need to give back to those who have given so much to us. And so this gives us a time to serve, help our volunteers of America, help out those who are hungry. We’re just very, very privileged. And there are a lot of people in this community who do go to bed at night hungry.”

It is clear that a fundraising event like the Empty Bowl would not be as successful without the support of a community like this one.

William Langston, Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.