House Bill Could Prohibit Vaccine Requirements

Parents and pediatricians in Casper weighing in on a proposal by state lawmakers that would prohibit certain vaccine requirements. Our Kimberly Barroteran explains. 

Lawmaker in Casper, Jeanette Ward’s COVID bill would also prohibit vaccine requirements in the state that have been in place at public schools for some very contagious diseases, which is concerning to some parents. Pediatrician at Casper Children’s Center, Shelley Springer says pediatricians all over the country are seeing an increase in vaccine aversion where parents are skeptical to vaccinate their children after the pandemic.

“I’m old enough to remember when all of the now vaccine preventable diseases were childhood diseases, and I had many of them or knew people who had them. And so to have the advent of vaccination to prevent that has been a huge step forward in medicine.”

Parent Mindy Farnsworth is shocked that prohibiting required vaccines that prevent measles, mumps and polio, which can be life threatening, is in discussion.

“I’m so glad that we live in a day and a time that vaccines exist and they prevent these horrible, horrible diseases.”

But other parents who preferred to be off camera told me they agree with the bill as they believe no vaccine should be required and even home-school their children to prevent from vaccinating them. Dr. Springer says parents should ultimately make the decision for their children by looking at the risks and benefits of the vaccine versus the disease.

“They’re the parents and that’s their job. I make sure that I give them as much information as I can so that they can then go ahead and make an informed decision.”

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.