Highway Road Closures

Wyoming commuters facing more driving challenges on Friday. Major interstate highways I-25 and I-80 experiencing closures near Cheyenne. Many state highways in the Casper area closed as well with blowing snow covering roads. The Wyoming Deparment of Transportation warning folks just because some highways are open, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to drive the speed limit.

“We always tell people just because the roads are open doesn’t mean they’re necessarily, you know, great to drive on. So you should take into account what you’re driving the route you’re going. If you’re carrying a light load, you know, if you’re a truck driver, maybe consider taking an alternate route with the wind speeds. They can create extreme you know, blow over risks. We hope that people can avoid them if at all possible.”

WYDOT expects several roads of the closed roads likely reopen by the end of the weekend.