Harriet Hageman Interview

Wyoming’s new congresswoman Harriet Hageman is making her first round of townhall visits since being sworn in to office earlier this month. I sat down with the freshman lawmaker to discuss her visit to the cowboy state.

I am pleased to be joined by representative Harriet Hageman. How are you doing today?

Harriet Hageman: I’m doing very well. Thank you for having me.

I would say probably the longest, longest campaign in history, I would guess for house campaign. So at a time you started to now and you’re still visiting people to this day, but what does it feel like to be? Representative Harriet Hagemann?

Harriet Hageman: Well, it’s something I worked very hard for. So it is wonderful to start doing the job.

Absolutely. And I spoke with one of your predecessors, Senator Cynthia Lummis, the other day, and when I asked her a question, I said, how important is it that Harriet’s on these committees and and she said, the natural resources committee in particular is so vital for the state of Wyoming?

Harriet Hageman: “Cynthia is absolutely correct. The natural resource committee is is vital to the state of Wyoming. This will give me an opportunity to be a real voice for Wyoming, Wyoming’s industries and Wyoming citizens.”

You’re also back here in Wyoming too and what does it mean to you pull these town halls? Here’s some of the voices that immediately take that back to to Washington.

Harriet Hageman: “I believe that the only way you can be an effective representative is if you talk to the people that you’re supposed to be representing. I intend to do exactly what I’ve done this morning. We had an almost two hour town hall meeting here in Jackson. Tonight, we will be going to Lander and then tomorrow morning we’re doing another town hall in Casper.