Governor Gordon Issues Statement in Response to EPA Announcement of New Methane Regulations

Governor Mark Gordon has issued a statement in response to the Biden Administration’s announcement that it would be enacting new methane regulations for the oil and gas industries through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Governor Gordon says that the new rule creates industry uncertainty and impacts Western states’ ability to efficiently and effectively produce energy.  The Governor’s statement follows:

“EPA’s latest announcement to regulate methane for new infrastructure and existing facilities adds yet another level of uncertainty to the operations of Wyoming’s oil and gas industry. This is happening just as our industry moves onto more solid footing, with increasing rig counts and the return of jobs in this sector.

This announcement is clearly part of President Biden’s superficial “climate above-all” strategy and was timed to coincide with the COP meetings. It appears the announcement was rushed and needs further refinement and evaluation. As EPA moves forward, I urge them to make sure that knowledgeable, scientific data from the oil and gas industry is carefully considered in the process. These industries are experienced in managing methane in the oil and gas field, particularly in Wyoming.

Wyoming, in fact, preceded the federal government in regulating methane emissions more than a decade ago. Rather than gum-flapping, it would have been better to have recognized the efforts of Western states that are already far ahead on this issue.

The systematic targeting of fossil fuels from Western lands through fees, taxes, royalty increases and additional levels of review will inevitably lead to higher prices at the pump. It will also hinder our ability to efficiently and effectively produce energy.”