First Glassblowing Studio Opens In Casper

Through the years, the art scene has been expanding in Casper, from the art walk to painting on the river and now. Glass art has made its way to town. Our Kimberly Barroteran tells us about a new place where people can create their own glassblown pieces. Now anyone in the community can explore a new art form with Casper’s first glassblowing studio.

The studio will have glassblowing lessons where equipment and materials are provided, as well as offer glass blowers in central Wyoming, a creative space. Co-owner of Ph Glass studios and Platte Hemp company Sam Watt says he’s thrilled to provide this opportunity to others.

“Experience in the training that we can offer our community in glassblowing is going to be beyond something that nobody can show in the state of Wyoming. So we we feel pretty lucky to be in this position.”

Master glassblower at Ph Glass studios with over ten years experience, Roger Severn says with the lack of glass opportunities in the state, he had to seek elsewhere to begin his career.

“Wyoming wasn’t so conducive for whatever reason. Nobody was blowing glass here. Nobody cared. Nobody just wasn’t happening. So I moved down to Colorado, started blowing glass down there.

And is now excited to teach others his craft in Wyoming.

“I didn’t expect it. Kind of a dream come true and surreal at times.”

Watt hopes the studio will not only spark a glass blowing interest to anyone in the community, but as a veteran himself, give others who served another outlet to cope with ptsd.

“Huge for us to have different things to help us continue on in life.”

Ph Glass Studios on North Foster road will have their grand opening on Veterans Day next Friday, November 11th.

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.