Experts Share Tips On Winterizing Your Home

Summer is ending, and many people in the cowboy state are starting to think about those colder months ahead. Our Kimberly Barroteran has tips from experts in Casper on how to prepare your home for the upcoming winter season. 

Even though it still feels like summer outside, local experts are saying that now is the perfect time to begin winterizing your home. While people should start winterizing their homes early, service manager at Plumbing Masters Nikki Debevec says people wait until the last minute.

“What usually happens is people are not heat taping like people that live in mobile homes, they need to heat tape underneath their trailers, anything like under the sink, stuff like that. If not the first freeze, everything freezes, pipes break and that’s the same with homeowners who have pipes that are like near the outside walls, even under their kitchen sink.”

And before it gets too cold Debevec also recommends to make sure boilers and water heaters are flushed.

“Because everything just works double time in the winter.”

Over at Tim Force Tin Shop, owner Jim Barankiewicz says just like when summer came around, it’s important to change your filters.

“We move a little less air during the heating season, so they probably only need to change it rather than every month, they can go to every 2 to 3 months.”

And homeowners can visually inspect all venting making sure everything looks good and install or check on your carbon monoxide detector.

“Change the batteries in it if they do have one get it ready to go for winter. You can also shut the power off to your air conditioner. There’s a disconnect outside, hit the switch and shut it off and then invest in a cover. Cover that thing up to where it stays nice and clean during the winter time. It will add a bit of life to that condensing unit.”

It’s best to get it done now because winter is coming.

“In Wyoming you better be prepared because it can come at any time.”

Kimberly Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.