Expert Weighs in on Severe Weather Preparation

While Wyoming is more than a thousand miles away from the threat of Hurricane Ian, the Cowboy State faces it’s own extreme weather, every year. Our William Langston spoke with the experts on natural disasters who say it’s better to prepare now, to be safe, later.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Wyoming. but other states like Florida are experiencing extreme weather, posing the question, does a state like Wyoming have to worry about severe weather

Aaron Woodward is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Cheyenne. He explained what kind of severe weather Wyoming has experienced in the past.

Snow storms, always a threat that can happen any time as we head into December all the way through February. As we head into winter season, yeah, we can get some pretty good snowstorms, blizzard conditions, very windy conditions as well.”

Aaron Woodward also suggests for Wyoming residents to stay informed because weather on the front range can be unexpected.

“So front range weather’s wild, it can flip on a dime. So we just ask citizens, you know, be prepared and, you know, have your your plan of action. If we issue a winter storm warning or a tornado warning.”

The Wyoming Department of Defense office suggests that citizens be prepared before a natural disaster happens.

“We in emergency management talk about all hazard preparedness. I mean, certainly in Wyoming, severe weather, whether that be tornadoes, floods, stuff in the summer or as we transition into the fall and winter blizzards and and winter storms.”

And two weeks out is the suggested preparation time.

“Go on your county emergency management website and register for your local alerts. We also encourage folks to be two weeks ready, really focus on having some supplies to get you through, hopefully after about two weeks.”

The Wyoming Department of Defense has the Wyoming read app where citizens can log in and personally prepare themselves for any unexpected weather event.

William Langston, Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.