Engaged On Energy

Welcome to this week’s “Engaged on Energy”.  I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, we’re going to talk about weather. Now that fall is officially here and winter not far behind it, colder weather tends to push the average American – yes, even us hearty residents of Alaska and Wyoming – indoors.


With that move indoors for the next number of months, we’ll be turning on our heat, kicking on those streaming devices and upping our internet usage.  We’ll be burning lots of natural gas and coal in our states to drive that heat and electricity.  Thankfully, we’ll be doing so knowing that our energy solutions will be affordable and reliable, thanks to the abundant natural resources and hard-working men and women in the energy industries.


Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in a growing number of states across our great nation.  You remember this past February, when a winter storm in the southern US knocked out renewable power solutions for days and led to billions of dollars in property damage, as well as the loss of crops and livestock, and most unfortunately, human life?


Or a few months ago, when California, New Mexico and other states had to turn up temporary power-generation – from fossil fuel sources nonetheless – because their renewable energy solutions just didn’t generate enough power to meet the air conditioning needs, or the overall integrity of the power grid, during a typical summer?


If we continue to rely solely on more green energy sources, and not the solutions that have powered our homes and helped keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter for generations, we’re going to continue to see problems with the grid.  There just isn’t a completely renewable solution that can sustain the US’s power needs presently, and even the most aggressive models show it’ll be decades before there is.  We’re fortunate in Alaska and Wyoming – we can meet our needs now and well into the future with our current energy mix.


That’ll do it for this week’s “Engaged on Energy”.  Drop me an email at rick@powerthefuture.com with feedback or suggestions for a future segment.  Have a great, energy-filled week, everyone!