Engaged On Energy


Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, we’re going to talk about the importance of pipelines, and dispel some myths about their safety and efficiency.


Let’s start here in the Great Land. Despite the doomsday scenarios concocted by the eco-Left during permitting and construction, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System – or TAPS – has been operated safely and near-continuously since the first barrel of oil flowed through it in June, 1977. Since then, more than 18 billion barrels of oil have been delivered from the North Slope to Valdez. Its design and durability should keep TAPS a key part of US energy security for decades.


As of 2020, there are 185 active oil and gas pipelines crisscrossing the United States, bringing products from their responsibly developed fields to refineries and reserves. The US has more active pipelines than any other country in the world, and other than when they are cyber-attacked, as with the Colonial Pipeline this spring, most Americans don’t give them a second thought. That’s because they work exactly as they should, 24-7-365.

Sadly, the hard work and dedication it takes to keep this system running doesn’t matter to the eco-Left, who fight like mad against them, believing pipelines transport evil, dirty, climate-killing oil and gas. As we’ve seen recently with the Keystone and Line 3 projects, they go to no end spreading untruths in the hope that a judge or agency will kill the project. And sometimes, they succeed.


But look at the end result of the Keystone fight. Its shuttering by the Biden Administration doesn’t stop the oil from being transported to market today. It just takes the mechanism from safe, low-carbon pipelines to riskier, higher cost and even higher-emitting trucks and trains. Jobs destroyed, more expensive gas that is transported less safely. That’s the legacy of anti-pipeline activists!


That’ll do it for this week. Be sure to contact me at rick@powerthefuture.com with comments or suggestions for a future segment. Thanks for tuning in, and have an energy-filled week, everyone