Engaged On Energy


Welcome to this week’s “Engaged on Energy”. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and tonight, let’s focus on a phrase heard all too often today, especially by those looking to transition from a traditional energy mix to one based on a ‘green’ methodology.


The phrase is “leave it in the ground”, and it is often associated with a radical viewpoint that believes the US should completely stop pumping oil and gas from our country’s fields.


The fringe element that spouts the ‘leave it in the ground’ message has said that continued development by the hundreds of thousands of US workers is incompatible with keeping climate change from ravaging our country with extreme weather events, and that oil and gas development should stop immediately.


But, unless each of us is ready and willing to dramatically change our day-to-day living, the ‘leave it in the ground’ers are going to be sadly disappointed. You see, oil and its associated petroleum derivatives are part of nearly every segment of our lives. They fuel our transportation, from bikes to boats, planes, trains and automobiles.


Most of our clothing is at least partially synthetic in nature. If you enjoy our state’s beauty by hiking, fishing, hunting or camping, you’re using petroleum-based products for nearly every activity. Even toothpaste, makeup and lipstick have petroleum; and let’s not forget the petroleum products found in our cell phones and even gum.


Oil can’t just be ‘turned off’ and ‘left in the ground’ without a drastic change to things we take for granted. Of course, the eco-Left’s never been above misstating facts to spin a narrative, but that’s another segment altogether. Simply put, oil isn’t – and can’t be – in danger of going away anytime soon.

That’ll do it for this week’s “Engaged on Energy”. Drop me an email at rick@powerthefuture.com with feedback, or suggestions for a future segment. Have a great week, everyone!