Engaged On Energy


Whether you’re tuned in tonight in Wyoming or Alaska, or streaming us on the web, good evening, and welcome to our very first “Engaged on Energy” segment. I’m excited to bring a discussion on energy to you tonight and every Friday night moving forward. I’m Rick Whitbeck, the Alaska State Director for a national non-profit, Power The Future.


Our mission? Be the voice for, and champion, energy workers – your neighbors who are working to create a better tomorrow for each of us – and protect them from people and entities that would put them out of work.


We’re blessed in America to have abundant natural resources. Whether mining for coal in Wyoming or drilling for oil on Alaska’s North Slope, tens of thousands of our friends and fellow community members do amazing jobs bringing energy to market. Because of energy, America’s a superpower; the envy of the world.


Having reliable, robust and affordable power, heat and the comfort that come from them, help each of us go about our daily lives without giving those items a second thought. However, when storms, weather events and catastrophes, and even global pandemics strike, we realize how much we take those systems, and the people who provide them, for granted.


Sadly, there are groups and rich ideologues who want a different America. They are threatening our rural communities and millions of jobs. We can’t let them win, and that’s why Power The Future continues to fight for our neighbors, your friends and an industry that is keystone to America’s continued success and world leadership.


In the coming weeks, we’ll explore a variety of topics and what we can do to work together to continue with America’s bright energy future. From all of us with Power The Future, thanks for tuning in, and feel free to contact me directly at Rick@PowerTheFuture.com if you have feedback or suggestions for a future “Engaged on Energy” segment on this station. Good night, everyone!