Engaged On Energy

Welcome to this week’s “Engaged on Energy”. I’m Rick Whitbeck, and last week, we talked about how Alaska and Wyoming are blessed with natural gas and coal development, which help heat our homes and power our day-to-day lives.

Tonight, we’re going to talk about energy freedom, and how having a complete energy mix – the majority coming from traditional sources such as oil and natural gas – helps America remain the world standard for energy reliability and energy independence.

Unfortunately, energy independence is a foreign concept for so many nations, even our first-world allies throughout Europe. Germans, who rely on renewables for the majority of their energy portfolio, pay some of the highest per-kilowatt-hour energy costs in the world – triple the US’ national average. And if you have followed the news recently, they are facing a tremendous energy shortage for the upcoming winter season.

Then, there’s the UK, who faces the unpleasant prospect of not having near enough power to sustain itself this winter, and paying extraordinary prices for natural gas solutions to bridge the gap.

Of course, there are other countries who are blessed with abundant natural resources and use it to their geopolitical advantage.

The best example in Europe is Russia and its Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is designed to give Russia influence, power and substantial economic benefits as it picks and chooses who to supply natural gas to throughout the continent.

Ultimately, we can go back to an old adage, slightly modified: He who has the power solutions, has the power. Period.

So, let’s keep America’s energy workers employed, our energy solutions strong, and be smart about this whole transition to cleaner, greener solutions that could ultimately weaken America. That strategy has not worked in Europe, but it’s where some in our country want to take us.

That’ll do it for this week’s “Engaged on Energy”. Drop me an email at rick@powerthefuture.com with feedback or suggestions for a future segment. Have a great, energy-filled week, everyone!