Engaged On Energy


Welcome to this week’s Engaged on Energy! I’m Rick Whitbeck.


Last week was the Alaska Oil and Gas Association’s spring conference in Anchorage.


Hundreds of industry-minded participants met – in person (hooray!) – with speakers discussing the state of oil and gas in the state. Throughout the day, the general tone and tenor was that the Biden Administration’s efforts to thwart development opportunities was unfortunately taking its toll, but that our industry’s workers and producers remain resilient and bullish on the long-term impacts continued oil and gas development will have on the state.


I mention this because there is quite the different narrative coming out of the various anti-development groups attacking traditional energy across the US. They make it sound like America should just pack up its entire oil and gas industry and make the transition to renewable energy, that we should have made that insane move long ago, and that continued inaction will doom America and the world from the so-called existential threat of climate change. To that, I say, “Hogwash.”


Both Alaska and Wyoming know there is an appropriate balance between environmental stewardship and responsible resource development. We know the impact that energy jobs have on our rural communities. We know that our state governments and their budget discussions would be completely different without oil, gas, coal and other mining revenues in the budget process.


And we know despite the outright lies perpetuated by the eco-left – that America has no ability to go green without exponentially more development of petroleum and critical and strategic minerals being brought to market, well in advance of any boom in renewable energy.


Simply put, Alaska and Wyoming resource and extractive workers are well positioned to be part of America’s energy solution for decades to come.


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