‘Dancing With the Stars’ of Casper, 3 Weeks Out

In just 3 weeks, local stars will be performing at Mercer’s annual fundraiser. Our Kimberly Barroteran visits with one couple who prepared all summer long for Dancing with the Stars of Casper. 

Nerves are starting to kick in as we’re heading closer to Dancing With the Stars of Casper and couples like Cassaundra Spargur and Nat Steinhoff are gearing up to impress the judges.

 Co-owner, broker and real estate agent Lisa Burridge and associates real estate, Nat Steinhoff says he wanted a challenge of trying something new.

“First year ever doing anything with dancing, so don’t have a dancing background. Actually, when it comes to like speaking in front of people, I feel really comfortable. But I don’t have that same level of comfort with like performance. So a little bit apprehensive, a little nervous.”

Ballroom instructor Cassaundra Spargur with Rising Star will be joining Nat on stage for the first time and is excited to support Mercer doing what she loves.

“I have done Dancing With the Stars of Chicago and Sydney Australia, and so I’ve done this a few times for other places. Any chance that I get to contribute back to the community I’m a part of is a big deal to me. And having it be dancing is really really special.”

The stars and choreographers have been dedicating lots of time outside of work and family to practice for Dancing With the Stars.

“I’m really impressed with the amount of time and effort that the dancing coaches have to put in that they’re also not compensated for. So huge shout out not just to Cassaundra, but to all the coaches who came up with choreography and spent tons of time listening to songs to figure out what’s going to work and spending all the time with us as the the new dancers, where they’re not even starting from a spot where we have in many cases, a base level of knowledge.”

As the couple puts the finishing touches to their routine, they’re hoping to get this year’s People’s Choice Award.

“If you were around in the 90’s, you will absolutely be taken back, and if you weren’t in the 90’s, you’ll wish you were.”

Kimberley Barroteran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.