Chuck Gray On Vaccine Mandates

We spoke with state representative Chuck Gray ahead of the special session focused on vaccine mandates.


Will Silverstien: Talk to us about why this special session was happening.

Chuck Gray: Well, we’re at a pivotal moment in the history of our republic, our values, our constitution is under attack by this team up of Biden, and many corporations with these vaccine mandates.  So it’s pivotal that we go into this special session and stop the mandates.

Will Silverstien: Yeah, in something on the special session in the mandates, I think what we’re really starting to see is how nationwide really, really impacts every state in the union. Right with with a number of special sessions being called, especially in Nebraska as well being called, What does that say gets about the response to the proposed mandates?

Chuck Gray: Well, it says that legislatures are stepping up, and that’s what we need to do here in our state. We haven’t seen much action from the executive branch, and the legislature needs to step up pass a statute. And that’s what we’re doing over this week.

Will Silverstien: What would be the response against the criticism, why are these being preempted in terms of what the mandates actually are, since they haven’t really officially been announced yet and enacted?

Chuck Gray:  Well, there’s a lot of things interacting here, you have a lot of corporations who have already issued mandates, and are using what Biden did is either political cover, or they’re deciding to do it on their own. And so there’s a lot of different things interacting here. The mainstream media, especially print, print wise with the Red Star Tribune, and this newspaper down here in in Cheyenne, they’re really, it’s a team up with the Biden administration, the way they’re portraying this. They’re not putting out there the truth, which is that we need to take action now. And they’re putting a lot of straw man arguments, inaccurate arguments, because they don’t want conservatism constitutional conservatism, that we have in Wyoming, and we need to keep it going.

I know there’s a number of small businesses and I think this is sort of the sentiment of Wyoming, which is, we shouldn’t be involved with government whatsoever.  Government shouldn’t be interfering, in the daily lives of workers and in small business owners in Wyoming.  And one of the criticisms that I heard from small business owners is well, you know, we don’t think there should be a vaccine mandate, obviously, but at the same time, we shouldn’t feel obliged to hire people who are unvaccinated maybe because it would challenge their fear of health to fit bill of health, rather, is that something that’s understandable that maybe employers depending on their field, they might be a bit worried to hire unvaccinated people if the workforce isn’t there for that market?

What we need to do is get ahead of the Biden mandate and also stop this coercion that is occurring where individuals are being subjected to this mandate by their employers it’s really it’s it’s discriminatory these mandates and and we need to get ahead on this