Concerns Grow Over Large Pothole In Bonnie Brae St

Residents are reaching out to officials to help them resolve this issue of this pothole that has turned into a swimming pool almost over the last three years. And that is deemed too dangerous not only for the residents, but for the people passing through.

While most try to avoid the area, Ariel Ramirez, who recently moved to Bonnie Brae Street, says she didn’t know was there until she tried to go around it, but it was too late.

“We slipped down and so our car was like literally just on the left side. And so we had to take the kids out, like from one side.”

They had to pay a tow truck $300 to get their only vehicle out of what Ramirez says was knee deep water.

“I don’t even go close to over there like I every, ever since I’ve moved here and that has happened, I’ve always told everybody to avoid that street.”

Jennie James, who’s lived there for over 50 years, says they’ve been having issues with their mail being delivered.

“I haven’t got mail for seven days. Today it’ll be the eighth day.”

The hole is also creating bigger problems as concerns grow for those that might need medical assistance, as first responders would have to find another way to them.

“If your child gets hurt or fire or whatever happens we need the emergency things and we pay our taxes, which are astronomical.”

Several residents expressed off camera that they hope something or anything can be done about the roadblock before another incident occurs.

“People need to realize it’s actually serious. If we need a paramedic and they can’t get through this, then that means a life is taken away because of the road.”

Kimberly Barroeran, Your Wyoming Link, Casper.