Cheyenne Regional Airport Looks to Expand Destinations

Planning to fly out of Cheyenne Regional Airport during the holidays? Our William Langston tells us about some of the new destinations the airport could offer and what economic benefits that could bring for Cheyenne. 

As of right now, the Cheyenne Regional Airport only has two flights with one destination. Denver- and Tim Bradshaw explains that there is enough runway and passengers for additional flights. The trouble is convincing the airlines to come to Cheyenne.

“It’s really the passengers is what really drives the market. So we have the passengers right now to support service to Phoenix and Las Vegas. We just had to convince the airlines to bring their airplanes in here. About 174 people per day travel between here and Phoenix. That’s enough to fill an airplane.”

But Tim Bradshaw blames the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the reason why airlines haven’t expanded to other markets like Cheyenne.

“Coming off the pandemic, the airlines have having a lot of problems with pilots shortages and having available aircraft. They’re just not in an expansion mode right now.”

The Chamber of Commerce believes flights to destinations like Phoenix and Las Vegas would be great for Cheyenne.

“I don’t know the exact number, but certainly millions of dollars to our economy, if we can keep those keep growing those flights and make sure that we are a booming transportation hub.”

And Dale Steenbergen adds a “booming transportation hub” in Cheyenne would also benefit people in northern Colorado, who would able to come to Cheyenne to catch a flight rather than driving to Denver.

“There’s just a lot of advantage to being able to look north if you live in northern Colorado to look for a flight.”

Although there is no immediate plans for an expansion, Tim Bradshaw explained that possibly one to two years down the line Cheyenne could expect to see more flights and more destinations. 

William Lansgton Your Wyoming Link Cheyenne.